It’s easy to think about what interns can learn from companies, but it can be surprising how much they can teach us.

Thanks to our work with the ongoing Connectable campaign, Daigle Creative recently had the pleasure to work with The Arc Jacksonville and the Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville to hire Ciara Mathis to work as an intern at our agency.

Ciara is a local young woman with Down syndrome who has earned her college degree and lives independently in The Arc Jacksonville Village. We met Ciara while filming a video vignette about her for Connectable. We fell in love with her personality and determination, and when she said she was interested in interning with us, it seemed like the perfect fit.

During her internship, Ciara helped us organize years of old files. While our staff taught Ciara what it was like to work in an agency setting, she showed us how much she and other people with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs) are capable of.

Check out this short video that documents Ciara’s successful internship and what both she and our staff learned through the experience.