With wedding season peaking over summer, many couples attend multiple ceremonies in a matter of months – often leaving them considering whether to walk down the aisle themselves.

However, with all the joy of marriage comes the potential reality of divorce. No one wants to go into a marriage already expecting the worst, but even the most seemingly stable couples can hit bumps in the road that tear them apart (i.e. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton, Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck).

While many have negative misconceptions about prenuptial agreements from celebrity cases, these agreements have the power to protect both parties when entering a marriage – especially for those who have real estate, businesses or children from previous relationships.

Daigle Creative’s public relations client Lawrence Datz, divorce and family law attorney from Datz & Datz, appeared on WJXT4 The Local Station to offer advice for couples who might be considering taking the legal precaution.

Watch the full segment here: http://bit.ly/1IExyro

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